Our Story

Homvare is a newly founded and well trusted seller of clothing, shoes and accessories in the world of E-Commerce. We recently attained a milestone achievement of integrating with most of the E-Commerce sites and platforms as well as having our own Direct to Consumer website. Having thousands of positive consumer feedback while maintaining our excellent Top-Rated Seller status for the past 2 years has been energizing. Our top-notch customer service uses the adage ‘The Customer Is ALWAYS Right’ and is how we chose to build a long lasting and successful business. Like many online sellers, we started in our basement of our retail store in Queens, NY in 2013. Selling small consumer electronics online and at our retail store, in a few months we realized that all customers were comparing the prices, convenience and ease of e-commerce and month over month our online sales were growing rapidly and retail sales declined; hence paving the way for our future business of E-Commerce.

Coming from a business background, we had a vision of building our own successful business where we could use our unique skill set, my brother has an MBA in marketing and having spent lot of  time in web operations with different roles within the technology field and me with my entrepreneurial skills and business acumen we have come a long way in building a great online electronic business. We now have 20 full time employees with a passion to succeed and enjoy life; who laugh and have fun working in a growing company. 

While shopping with us, we can assure you

o   Our items are authentic and original or your money back.

o    Almost all the time over 70% off retail

o    We want you to enjoy your experience and come back to shop often and spread the word

o    We love to offer free shipping and free returns (because we love free shipping when we order) and hope you enjoy your visit on our website.

With our great network and relationship over the years with discount liquidators and big chains we saw a huge opportunity in apparel, garments, textiles, home furnishings and decided to launch with offering our customers a place to shop with great value and customer service.

We continued to partner with new brands and our business grew rapidly and as such help us settle down in Miami with 2 warehouses and a team which is eager and ready to adapt in this constantly exciting field of e-commerce with the latest in  fulfillment technology, packaging, discount deals and the best customer service. We work directly with some of the largest brands and retailers in the world to bring you the name brands that are famous for their quality and style.

 Read for yourself, what our customers are saying

 We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Drop us a line if you are happy with our products or on how we can do better. 

The Homvare Team